University Counseling

Cambridge high school is committed to supporting each of it’s students in the journey of intellectual and personal growth to be able to thrive at the university level and beyond. The core of the university counseling mission is to help students find appropriate matches for their strengths, interests and future goals within the higher education.
The most obvious goal of university counseling is to help students identify, apply, secure admissions to colleges and universities that meet their needs, nurture talents and challenge them. Equally important is the development of decision-making skills, time management skills, refining social and emotional intelligence within the process. Through university counseling we help empower students to make informed decisions, advocate for themselves, follow a timeline, meet internal deadlines and employ strong organizational skills throughout the demanding application process.
Our intention is to provide timely information, counseling, and support to help develop the necessary skills to complete each phase of the university process successfully. We take pride in our welcoming approach to both students and parents, our strong relationships with universities and the quality of guidance and advocacy provided. You will receive professional advice, yet no one will make choices on your behalf.
Ideally, early planning comes a very long way. We will be thinking out loud as early as Grade 10, solidify goals in Grade 11. And submit applications the first two months of Grade 12.