School Agreements

To have a successful educational journey that fosters mental, emotional, physical and

social wellbeing, a certain level of discipline is expected in the school.  

1.    Student's class sectioning is decided by the administration to best serve your children’s needs. Refraining from discussing the matter with staff members is encouraged. 

2.    Academic integrity is a core principle of the school and the IBO. Violations will be dealt with according to MOE "Ministry of Education'' and IB regulations.

3.    Students should not take part in any behaviour, whether inside or outside the school, which reflects badly on the school or its reputation.

4.    Learning is the purpose of any classroom setting. As such, interrupting the educational process inside or outside the classroom is taken seriously.

5.    Students must be in school by 7:30am. Tardiness is recorded and excessive lateness may affect registration for the coming year.

6.     Promptness in picking up your child from school is essential. Parents are responsible for any accident or injury concerning their child and NOT the school.

7.    Excessive absence will affect your children’s education. Students are required to obey the Jordanian Ministry of Education and IB rules of attendance. Excessive absence may result in repeating the grade the following academic year.

8.    If a student is sick on an exam day, s/he must be examined by the school clinic or provide a medical report. Otherwise, the absence will be considered unexcused.

9.    To avoid disruption your child's learning. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without written permission from the school. 

10.    If the student is absent for any reason, parents must inform the school administration of the duration and the reason of absence.

11.    Travelling is not allowed during assessments. However, all scholastic year students who must travel during assessments

for emergencies ONLY must first get the school's approval. 

12.    Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

13.    Rough play and use of inappropriate or offensive language is not acceptable.

14.    Responsibility the school’s facilities, properties and services is essential, as such any report of misconduct on buses may result in suspension or discontinuation of bus service. Unreturned library books or damage done to school property must be reimbursed to the school.

15.    School uniform is worn with pride at all times and the P.E. uniform is to be worn on days when students have P.E. lessons only.

16.    Nail polish and make-up are not allowed.

17.    Hair should be kept neat and clean, with long hair tied back. Red, grey, navy, black, white or brown head bands and rubber bands are allowed. Barrettes should be simple and plain, for our students' safety.

18.    All jeweler, except small stud earrings and basic watches, are not allowed. 


To Parents

Your child's progress is our top priority Your trust in this area is mandatory if the maximum is to be achieved for your child.

The IB learner profile, as a character model, is encouraged throughout the school. Parents and students should be 100% committed to the school policies in behaviour and academic performance Those who do not fit the profile of a Cambridge High School student will be helped by our support staff, counsellors and students affairs. Should a student fail to fit into our school's culture, appropriate steps are taken to find a more suitable educational establishment Necessary disciplinary steps will be taken according to the behaviour. Parents are informed whenever the school feels their direct support is needed. Registration at CHS is done on a yearly basis. Attending Cambridge High School is not automatically renewed. At the end of every year each student's record is reviewed Travel plans should only be confirmed according to holidays as on the school agenda. Student attendance starts from the first day of school and ends on the last day. Exceeding the number of allowed absences according to the Ministry of Education and IB regulations will result in the repetition of the academic grade level

Please check the agenda, website, mobile text messages, emails, Microsoft Teams, ManageBac and school bag for information, updates and urgent issues Parents are requested to attend parent/teacher meetings and orientations. This shows support to the educational process of your child at CHS Information about family, health and behavioral issues must be disclosed at the time of registration If there is a problem with any area of the school, please work with the school administration to find a solution. There is no need for outside help to solve internal school issues Unconditional support for teachers and staff is a must. Parents who do not support the school will jeopardize their registration for the next year It is recommended that all students have access at home to a computer, printer and internet.