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IBIS Information System May 2019

Source: IBO- IBIS Information System

We Did It, Again
Congratulations to all IB parents, students and CHS staff. for the marvellous IB results for the class of 2019. Grades were excellent with 100% pass. Special congratulations to Ahmad Fakhri- 45, Omar Kayed- 43, Ibrahim Wazir- 43, Karam Hasan- 40, Ahmad Saffar- 40, Yousef Abedalaziz- 40, Amro Lolooh- 40. Noting that 17 students out of a total number of 35 students achieved grades in the range of 38- 45. Grades in the diploma program ranged from 45 to 36. The average grade was 40.08 out of 45. This equalizes to about 92.675 for Tawjihi.
Grades in course program ranged from 39 to 27. The average grade was 34.13 out of 42. This equalizes to about 86.5 for Tawjihi.
Last year the IB world average for diploma students was 29.8. We are far ahead of this. Grades of this calibre reflect the dedication and constant efforts of both staff and students.