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IB Programmes

Assessment Policy

Students in the Secondary section are being prepared for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. At different points in the upper grades; students will start their journey into the IB with activities in internal assessments, CAS and TOK.

The IB Programme is known and recognized worldwide as the finest pre-university education available. As a result, students who graduate with IB credentials have the choice to enter Jordanian universities or most universities aboard.

Admission into the IBDP starts with an application where subject choices and course of study are selected. All students are encouraged to try the diploma option. Teachers give feedback concerning the ability of students who selected a subject. Each individual student will be interviewed by the IBDP coordinator and/or head of school to check the compatibility of student with chosen programme, MOE requirements and future vocational requirements.

For the 2014/ 2015 academic year CHS offers the following courses and levels:

  • English Language & Literature SL
  • English B HL/ SL
  • Arabic Language & Literature SL
  • Arabic B HL/ SL
  • Arabic ab Initio SL
  • Business Management HL/ SL
  • Economics HL/ SL
  • Information Technology in Global Society HL/ SL
  • History SL
  • Physics  HL/ SL
  • Chemistry HL/ SL
  • Biology HL/ SL
  • Math SL
  • Math Studies SL
  • Visual Art HL/ SL

Please click here for more information about the individual courses.

Our CAS activities with pictures can be viewed under the CAS tab on the CHS home page. More pictures and information concerning what IB students are involved in is located there.

University Counseling 

The University Counseling Department was set up to provide assistance and support to students as they begin the sometimes confusing process of applying to universities. Our counselor and her assistant are available to answer students’ and parents’ concerns about procedures and entry qualifications to degree programmes all over the world, as well as helping to collect necessary documentation.