A discount of 5% will be offered for tuition paid in full before 1/8/2022.

An additional CAS educational fee of 150 JD for Grades 11 + 12 due on 1/4/2022

* Grade 11 + 12 students taking visual arts are charged an additional 150 JD each year

* An additional Extended Essay fee for Diploma Students of 300 JD for Grade 11 due on 1/8/2022

* Graduation fee for Grade 12 is 300 JD

ne time joining fee for new students is 400 JD for Grades 2 – 12IB and 200 JD for K*, K1, K2 and Grade 1. The joining fees are non-refundable and are not part of the tuition.

Tuition fees do not include textbooks, copybooks, exams, graduation, uniform, transportation or field trips; but do include Ministry of Education textbooks and insurance for accidents taking place at school.

First sibling pays full tuition, but a discount of 10% applies for the second sibling, and the third or more siblings receive 15%.

A yearly fee of 300 JD for additional one hour supervision of K students before and after normal school hours is charged. However, students supervised during duty hours are not offered any bus services in the afternoon.

Seat reservation fee for existing students (the 1st installment) must be paid by 1/4/2022 for the coming academic year. Seats not reserved by the given date will be offered to students on our waiting list.

Seats are reserved on a yearly basis, and therefore fees are paid for the full year even if the student transfers out during the year. Fees paid are non-refundable.

If a student transfers from school at any time, the account must be settled in full before documents are released.

If you wish to transfer your child from the school at the end of the academic year, the student’s file must be removed before 30/6/2022.

Transportation is offered to most areas of West Amman. Price is 750 JD for inside Amman, and 800 JD for Airport Road, round trip per year, payable 1/5/2022. Each bus is accompanied by an assistant for child safety and security.