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Are you concerned about keeping your children occupied and active during the summer? A supper camp is offering with a sleep-over on the final weekend. Children travel to places around the city and participate in activities at school.

We believe that students’ potential is not limited to classroom settings alone. As a result, we have a year-round comprehensive and diverse range of activities that are sure to please everyone’s unique interests and talents.

After regular school hours, there is a set of activities involving Grades K – 10: football, basketball, track and field, tennis, gymnastics, photography, piano, oud, guitar, drums, arts and craft, drama and pottery.

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is a completion requirement for graduation. But, we emphasize the holistic approach to the three strands of CAS and involve the whole school. The older students are involved in the leadership and design of projects that cover all the outcomes.

MYP students get involved with the service as learning and community projects which are showcased alongside CAS projects in a final event.

Examples of the CAS holistic approach include farming, yoga, women empowerment, autism, MUN, art production, Chinese language acquisition with new projects developing constantly.

CHS hosts yearly basketball and football competitions. Our school is actively involved in the Little League with sponsors and coaches of at least 16 teams that compete in the spring of each year. The Activity Department can be contacted for more information. 

CHS offers trips to countries around the world for sport, language, CAS camps and IB World Conferences. All trips are supervised by teachers and other staff members at a ratio of 10:1. During the school year each class goes on a trip around the city or country accompanied by their homeroom teachers.

Homeroom teachers and class members also have a chance to interact at special occasions of fun and food scheduled throughout the year. For more information, please refer to the school calendar on our website and social network links, which are constantly updated with our latest news, pictures and events.